Fintech Berlin sees itself as a community and central meeting point for all those who are working to take topics in the areas of finance and insurance to the next level through innovative technologies.

We have been an integral part of the Fintech scene for years and work especially on the development and marketing of innovative financial and insurance solutions. For this we work together with specialists from all areas that the Fintech universe offers. In addition to marketing professionals from the areas of start-ups, banks and insurance companies, we are always an interface to the areas of product, development, sales and legal. With Fintech Berlin we work on an intensive exchange and bring together players from all Fintech areas. Thus we offer a large network of protagonists from the Fintech world, from the founder to the young professional.

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Fintechs in Berlin

Berlin has been the centre of attraction for start-ups for years. A few years ago, it was the low cost of living and many very well educated graduates that were the attraction for start-ups, but developments have quickly established themselves here that go far beyond that. Especially the high degree of internationality and the strong network compared to other German cities make Berlin the most attractive Fintech location in Germany. In the meantime, Berlin has assumed an outstanding position for the Fintech scene and is home to over 30 percent of all German FinTechs. Berlin is also a leader in terms of the number of new companies founded and the capital raised. The city’s start-up subsidies also ensure a gratifyingly high number of start-ups, which means that start-ups also benefit from Fintechs.

Financial Centre Berlin: Fintechs and Banks

Numerous well-known Fintechs are based in Berlin. Besides smava, the Fintech of the first hour, other very strong brands such as N26, Raisin, Liqid, Solarisbank, SumUp, Revolut, Klarna, Wefox, Bonify or Mambu are located in the capital. As a banking location, Berlin is by no means comparable to Frankfurt, but the city also has some bank headquarters, such as those of DKB or Norisbank. Thanks to the favourable circumstances, Berlin as a Fintech location can develop a high attraction for Fintechs, which also attracts many talents.

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